Beware of Doorstep Sellers after the Stormy Weather

Beware of Doorstep Sellers after the Stormy Weather

The Police have recorded an increase in doorstep crime over the last week. There have been incidents of residents in Bromley being approached by cold callers offering to clean out guttering, repair/maintain roofing etc. resulting in inflated prices being charged, and occasionally the resident has felt intimidated into agreeing further work.

With the bad weather over the last couple of days, there may be opportunist cold callers offering to sweep up leaves, take away trees, etc. and the message is not to accept offers of help from callers, unless they are known to you. A reminder that councils will always have ID, and drive liveried vehicles.

We have also had victims of telephone fraud, where the resident has been pursuaded to give over their pin numbers, and handed their credit/debit cards to persons impersonating Police officers.

The Police will NEVER ask for your credit/card details, either on the ‘phone or in person.

If you are unsure who the caller is, engage your security door chain before you open the door. If you see anyone suspicious, and it is happening now, please ring 999, if you have recently had suspicious activity in your road, then please report it to ring 101.