30 Jun
Brand Protection scaled


Now lockdown is slowly lifting our brand protection team are getting back to some normality.

Our covert teams have been out and about identifying outlets all over UK selling our clients counterfeits, markets, retail outlets, wholesalers, screen printers and more have been found and evidence obtained, so beware we will be round to see you soon!

Already this month we have carried out enforcement actions: –

In Scotland together with other ACG members, Police Scotland and officers from TS Scotland on raid actions in Glasgow against a prolific trader in counterfeit goods, who was operating from a self-store facility, five 30-foot containers full of high-quality counterfeit goods valued more than £3 million were seized.

In Portsmouth along with the police and trading standards we raided the home address of a prolific eBay seller and seized a large amount of counterfeit make up including our clients Benefit and Fenty Beauty.

In Cardiff along with trading standards and the police we went to the address of a major eBay seller.

We attended Cheshire East Trading Standards and authenticate a large amount of our client’s counterfeit merchandise that had been seized on previous raid actions.

Again, with our colleagues at Portsmouth trading standards we went to a retail outlet and screen printers who had been selling via eBay there we seized computer equipment, a vinyl cutter and 2 heat presses.

Also, during this month, we have assisted UKBF all over the Country and Dublin Revenue who had detained our clients’ counterfeit products entering UK from China, Hong Kong, Turkey and other locations.

Our online team has been identifying infringing merchandise sold worldwide on various selling, getting the items taken off sale.For full details of all of core services please view our e-brochure