Company Director Sold Fake One Direction Goods

Company Director Sold Fake One Direction Goods

This case was brought to court following an initial investigation by Surelock.

A female director of a company based in a village near Bristol has been given a suspended prison sentence for counterfeiting offences.

Lorraine Eyre was given eight months in prison, suspended for two years at Bristol Crown Court after previously pleaded guilty to 18 charges relating to possessing and selling counterfeit clothing, bags, headwear and toys.

At the time the offences took place, Eyre was running a business called Tacky.Me.Uk Limited from premises at Old Station Yard, Wotton Road, Charfield, the court heard.

The company mostly traded online and focused heavily on selling merchandise with emerging and cult fashion brands, as well as T-shirts featuring bands and pop artists, including Justin Bieber and One Direction, pictured above.

The T-shirts and sweatshirts were sold online around the world, making thousands of pounds for the business during a 19-month period between August 2011 and March 2013.It is estimated the company made a profit of £50,000 during the time of the offences.

Trading standards officers took on the case after receiving complaints.

Senior Fair Trade Officer Neil Derrick said: “Following a raid on the business premises and Eyre’s home in January 2013, we brought charges under the Trade Marks Act 1994, relating to the misuse of brands.

“These included well-known brands such as Boy London and Obey and featured pop acts including One Direction, JLS and Justin Bieber.”

Eyre was sentenced for her part in the offences along with the company itself, which was fined a nominal £40 as it no longer trades.

A confiscation order for £50,000 was also made against Eyre.

This must be paid within six months or Eyre will be liable to an 18-month prison sentence in default.

An order was also made for £14,000 in prosecution costs to be paid within six months. Clothing, equipment and computers will also be forfeited