Counterfeit Banknotes

Counterfeit Banknotes


This is a message sent via In The Know – Surrey and Sussex. This information has been sent on behalf of Surrey Police 

Over the last few days we have had several reports of three smartly dressed men in suits trying to pass off fake £50 and £100 notes, believed Scottish counterfeit notes. They go into a shop and buy a small item with the note. We have had reports at Caterham, Nutfield and Redhill. Please be very wary of people using large denomination notes to buy small items.

Consider the following best practice…..

Buy an electronic bank note checker.

Use a counterfeit pen.

Put a note by your till saying “All notes will be checked to verify they are not counterfeit”.

You may also adopt a store policy to not accept large currency notes.

Further useful information can be sort from


If you believe people have used counterfeit money please let Surrey Police know on 101. If the person or people are still in the store or the town please call us on 999.

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