Custodial sentences for selling counterfeit goods

14 Feb
Do something today

Custodial sentences for selling counterfeit goods

Courts can impose custodial sentences to persons selling counterfeit goods

Time to think before buying counterfeit goods, time to think before selling.

Counterfeits are more than just a cheap version of a genuine more expensive item.  Consider value for money, quality and workmanship rather than looking for a copy without the class.  Counterfeit items may never work properly or safely and can be just plain dangerous, and especially relevant your purchase may fund something more dangerous. Therefore, it is important to think about values. Do something today.

This brings to mind a recent case Surelock were involved in highlighting these values.

Essex Police stopped Meqhawemveko Dube in possession of a firearm.  His home address was searched where goods were discovered including over 100 counterfeit high value watches. Our experts examined watches which purported to be those of our clients and provided statements authenticating them as counterfeits.

Dube received three years custodial sentence at Southend Crown Court in January 2018 for possessing an imitation firearm, and a further nine months sentence relating to the counterfeit goods. Court evidence showed the defendant had been selling similar counterfeit products for about three years.

Who has time for a watch that will tell you the right time for some of the time,  last half the time or no time and in time will stop telling you the time!

It’s all about values – not just the value of the item or the genuine item but values of the purchaser.