Don’t be a Victim!

Don’t be a Victim!

Get Safe Online Week is here again from 20th – 26th October

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you could be a victim of online crime. It’s a growing threat, but there are things you can do to protect yourself from online criminals – whether they’re anonymous individuals an organised crime gang operating in the UK or from abroad or even, sadly, someone you might know.

To help increase awareness of the steps you can take, leading online safety awareness organisation Get Safe Online is delighted to announce the ninth annual Get Safe Online Week 2014, which will be held this year from 20th – 26th October. It describes how anyone, anywhere can be a victim of some kind of online crime, however safe they think they may be.

During the week, Get Safe Online will be launching new research about attitudes to and experiences of online crime, alongside important advice on how to stay safe on your computer, smartphone, tablet or games console. They’d also love you to get your local community involved by setting up your own Get Safe Online Week event to raise awareness of this pressing issue, and play your part in protecting people of all ages from becoming victims of fraud, identity theft, abuse and other issues. Here are some ideas:

  • Organise a coffee morning to discuss positive or negative online experiences and help your friends, family and neighbours to stay protected
  • Have a think about people you know who might be more vulnerable than others to encountering problems, and tell them how they can protect themselves
  • Tell your friends, family, neighbours, employees, workmates, kids’ school and anyone else you know about Get Safe Online Week and point them to the website at

Get Safe Online is a jointly funded initiative between several Government departments and private sector businesses and is the Government’s preferred online security advice channel.