Five Steps to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack

Five Steps to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack

A cyber attack is unauthorised access to your IT network by an outsider.   This is commonly done with malware (malicious software), unwittingly downloaded through spam emails, intentionally downloaded software or harmful websites. They run on your computer, sometimes relaying everything you type to hackers.

Other methods include accessing your network through poorly protected Wi-Fi networks, phishing (emails pretending to be from banks or customers that encourage you to pass over sensitive information), or via the physical theft of computers. Remember – smart phones are targets too.

There are five simple steps you can take to significantly reduce the chances of such attacks.

Data Encryption

Passwords, bank codes and data are valuable to hackers. Whenever such information is stored make sure it is encrypted. Encryption tools come as standard on most computers – on Windows it’s called BitLocker, on Macs it’s FileVault – learn how to utilise them effectively.

Office Security

Don’t let your laptop fall into the wrong hands. Make sure your premises are secure. You can even tie down your hardware – there are numerous locks on the market.

Secure Wireless Networks

Adjust settings so your Wi-Fi network is not publicly visible and periodically change network name and passwords.

Install Anti-malware and Anti-virus Software

If they are not then you should so– and make sure the protection is up-to-date. There are a number of free and subscription-based options on the market.

Educate Your Employees

It’s no good being security conscious if your employees aren’t.  Write a formal internet policy and make sure your staff is aware of the risks