For the First Time Takes Counterfeiters to Court

For the First Time Takes Counterfeiters to Court

Amazon in the US has filed lawsuits against counterfeit sellers, after a number of businesses on Amazon protested that knockoffs were killing their sales and endangering consumers.

Amazon filed suit against a group of sellers for infringing on athletic training equipment developed by TRX. In a second case, Amazon sued sellers who are offering fake versions of a patented moving product called Forearm Forklift.

Both suits were filed in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in King County. In the TRX suit, Fitness Anywhere, the creator of the training equipment, joined Amazon as a plaintiff.

Amazon is the lone plaintiff in the case involving Forearm Forklift. The company claims that in addition to selling fake versions of patented products, the “defendants tried to further their fraudulent scheme by submitting forged invoices to Amazon purporting to show that their products were authentic.”

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