Be on Your Guard Ireland from an Influx of Seasonal Counterfeit Clothes and Scam Websites

Be on Your Guard Ireland from an Influx of Seasonal Counterfeit Clothes and Scam Websites

As the start of Irish debs season draws near the European consumer centre has made a statement urging all to be cautious when ordering high-end clothing online. Often these rogue retailers use credentials that are registered in European nations to add to the perceived legitimacy of their site, but in many cases the businesses were not located in that country at all. In some cases they were outside the EU entirely.Some even claim offices in Europe, but produce products overseas, particular China, Thailand, and other Asian nations. If a product is purchased from one of these nations, chances are that they’ll be a fairly long waiting time product ordered might not be the product that is received.

Also, if the product is produced overseas and not inside the European Union, the customer wont be protected by the European consumer rights law. The European consumer centre advises that if planning to purchase a product online, make sure extensive and comprehensive research is completed on the trader and make sure there are no red flags, such as missing contact information. On the website, look carefully for any signs that the product in question could be counterfeit. Bad stitching, misspelled words and fuzzy brand logos are a sure sign that something might not quite be what it seems.

However, companies that produce counterfeit products are getting clever at matching the real products very closely. Therefore, it’s vital that potential consumers know the designer’s key mark, signatures and serial numbers to ensure they have a legitimate purchase of a real brand. The general rule is, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is so watch out for designer brands that are being sold at cheap prices. Chances are they might be counterfeit. High fashion clothing is an obvious example of this. Also, using PayPal to pay for goods online is a great way to make a purchase, as it’s a refundable and secure method of transaction. Finally, make sure they offer a genuine discount and real products and not very low prices on counterfeit products. You can even check out Irish companies online with solocheck.i.e to make sure their credentials are perfect. Check out Lyoness on solocheck.i.e to see what a reputable company offering discounts on clothing such as New Look and Dorothy Perkins should look like.

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