Jilly Saward

Jilly Saward

Roy Herridge QPM is a Director and founder of Surelock and a former Detective Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police.  He was the Senior Investigating Officer for the Jilly Saward case.


“It is with great regret and sadness that I heard of the sad and untimely death of Jilly Saward and we express our sympathy on behalf of the team that dealt with the investigation into the Ealing Vicarage Rape.


Jilly impressed us all with her courage and bravery at the time and subsequently in the way she dealt with her trauma by helping others and starting the charity, Women in Crisis.  She will be sadly missed by all who were privileged to know her and her family.”

Roy Herridge QPM Ex Detective Superintendent retired and all the detectives who investigated the Ealing Vicarage Rape

Following this investigation and subsequent convictions Roy Herridge wrote a book “Believe No One” incorporating this investigation and others he had dealt with.   The full proceeds of this book have been donated to Women in Crisis.