Launch of Manifesto for Brands: How Brands May Deliver More to the UK

Launch of Manifesto for Brands: How Brands May Deliver More to the UK

12th December 2014

Today The Manifesto for Brands is launched by the British Brands Group, the voice for brands in the UK, and the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) which campaigns against the trade in fakes. It outlines the significant contribution brands make to the country and proposes a six-point plan on how they may deliver even more.

Brands already contribute significantly to the economic and social fabric of the UK. While delivering a choice of ever-improving products and services to individuals, brands also help companies grow faster, commercialise innovation, provide quality employment in manufacturing and other sectors and boost export performance. They also provide a strong positive force for responsible, sustainable business.

John Noble, Director of the British Brands Group, said:
“The penny is beginning to drop. Study after study shows the significant economic contribution that branding makes to the economy, effects that are felt locally, regionally and nationally. It continues to surprise, therefore, that branding does not feature more prominently in government policy. The UK, with its iconic brands and creative reputation, seems to be missing a trick when it comes to fully harnessing this power.”

Chris Oldknow, Chairman of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, added:
“The high value of brands sadly acts as a magnet to those out to exploit it unlawfully. Counterfeiting is a serious organised crime, harming individuals, the economy and society. It allows organised criminal gangs to raise huge amounts of cash that can then fund other forms of serious crime. It affects everyone. It brings criminals closer to our homes, destroys jobs and deprives local and national economies of much needed revenue. The protection of our valuable brands needs greater political attention and more resources for enforcement.”

The Manifesto presents a six-point plan:
• Place brands firmly within the UK economic policy
• Provide the environment for brand growth
• Stop the trade in fakes
• Encourage companies to invest in brands
• Allow people to make informed buying decisions
• Allow communication with consumers

A full copy of the Manifesto can be downloaded at:

For any further information, please contact:
John Noble (British Brands Group) on 01730 821212 or [email protected]
Phil Lewis (ACG) on 01494 449165 or [email protected]