Lost Your Bag?

Lost Your Bag?

I recently had a trip with British Airways from Heathrow Terminal 5 when their baggage belts were not working and therefore boarded my flight knowing my suitcase did not get on with me. Thankfully I have an ingrained aversion of putting anything of value into my case, but it got me thinking of what is of value to me and how would I ever be re-joined with it if it went astray.

It’s difficult to know what “essential items” you will get reimbursed for by the airline, but do keep your receipts for everything you buy. We at Surelock have investigated many a fraudulent insurance claim and know how important proof of purchase is to the insurance companies.

Have you ever thought what personal items you would most hate to lose – phone, camera, computer, bicycle and if you have a prized possession stolen how would the police identify that the recovered item belonged to you?

Take a minute to register your valuables with NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) ( IMMOBILISE  (  ) CheckMEND (  ),

Consider putting anti-theft device on your phone or laptop – if you have sensitive information this is a must.

P.S. I did get my bag back safely and in one piece but unfortunately the afternoon before I was to fly home again, but I learnt a lesson in how to travel light in future!