Should plant & construction industry use private investigators?

Should plant & construction industry use private investigators?

Why should the plant & construction industry would use private investigators? There are a lot more skills we have other than following a partner in a suspicious relationship! There are so many areas that spring to mind where Surelock  has a wealth of experience in plant & construction industry, in fact it would be fair to say, “we cut our teeth” within this Industry.

No industry is immune from theft and fraud which can strike from the top to the bottom. If there is a suspicion that something is not quite right then it is often a thought worth acting on.

With our consultants throughout the country we cover many fields including criminal investigations; security surveys/risk assessments, audits / stock takes, surveillance and asset recovery. We have been known to recover our client’s property before they have known it was stolen!

We have assisted in the internal audit function of companies by conducting unannounced audit visits to sites and work places (often at weekends or during unsocial hours) to confirm that staff and systems are operating correctly. These audit visits routinely disclose discrepancies ranging from operational or disciplinary shortcomings to criminal activity – sometimes organised and endemic.

Also, we have undertaken contractual management and project management audits within the construction industry which seek to identify and prevent future losses. Each project is unique and undertaken to an individual formula established in relation to the client’s instructions. Our previous investigations have used comprehensive analysis of how substantial losses are likely to have occurred by undertaking a thematic investigation into current processes and procedures in order to establish weaknesses, evaluation of data, conducting investigative interviews with staff with a view to both contractual and criminal irregularities and recommending a strategic plan for dealing with the problems identified in order to prevent future losses.

Oh and we also can follow that partner if required!

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