Protect your Handbag

Protect your Handbag

The Chelsea Clip

The Chelsea Clip was invented in 1991 since then it has been providing a preventative solution to the problem of thefts of handbags and personal luggage. It has been specifically designed to secure personal belongings within public places and you may have seen them in bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as anywhere that personal property may be vulnerable to theft –

The Chelsea Clip is a specially designed, injection moulded Nylon hook from which a bag, or other small item of personal luggage, can be suspended by its own strap. The item is easily placed onto the Chelsea Clip but two hands are required for its removal, making ‘handbag snatching’ virtually impossible.

Also described as the bar clip, metclip, bar hook and purse clip, it is highly recommended by UK. Crime Prevention Officers

The Handbag Hook

Unfortunately not all public places have Chelsea Clips so the answer is to take your own device! There are personal hooks which can be carried in your handbag, and used on most flat surfaces, your bag slips on via its strap but as it is not permanent and it doesn’t require two hands for removal it won’t be as secure as the Chelsea Clip, but it will keep your bag off the floor, clean and close. There are many varieties of handbag hook and they make great gifts as they are neat and compact and can be even be personalised.

The handbag Hook is also described as the Handbag Butler…..

So whenever you are out and about, you will always be able to sit down and hang your handbag beside you and be practical and look stylish at the same time……