Owner Sentenced After Surelock Investigates Ricky’s Fashions

Owner Sentenced After Surelock Investigates Ricky’s Fashions

On Friday 9 March 2012 Surelock raided Ricky’s Fashions, 81-83 Middlewood Road, Sheffield S6 4GX, with Sheffield Trading Standards officers following a Surelock covert investigation.

The Surelock team, Police and trading standards officers visited the shop, which was mainly selling ladies wear, and found one “Take That” heat transfer, a vinyl cutter and heat press. The owner. Mr. Ricky Baker, was very uncooperative and was arrested. Trading standards officers seized the cutter, press and laptop. From there the team went to his house where they found a large selection of various artists’ goods including T-shirts, hoodies and jeans. The artists included The Beatles, JLS, Justin Bieber, Metallica, Ndubz, Take That, The Wanted, One Direction, Ramones, Lady Gaga to name a few. All the counterfeit items were seized along with another computer and press.

This company has been a major supplier of diamante style tops and other T-shirts in the North. In one month alone Mr Baker sold over £8000 of stock on EBay.

In March 2013 Ricky Baker was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to 4 months imprisonment for each offence (7 sample offences with 11 TICs) suspended for 2 years.

On 6th September 2013 a confiscation order was made at Sheffield Crown Court for £25,000.00 to be paid within 14 days. A default sentence of 12 months was added.

A costs order for £2,172.00 has also been made.