So who cheats more…Men Or Women?

24 Jun

So who cheats more…Men Or Women?

The trends may be changing for example, millennials have more emotional affairs on social media, dating sites & apps in addition to affairs with close friends and co-workers, which is still the highest, followed by affairs with strangers an ex or a neighbour, ranking bottom of the list.

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On average, out of 100 couples, 20 men would cheat versus 13 women.

Interestingly, women appear to have the slight edge in cheating between ages 18-29.

From ages 30-49 cheating is more or less even, with men having the edge.

Ages 50-80+ sees the gap in men cheating more than double, peaking with men in their 80’s being 4 times more likely to cheat than women.

Whatever the trends and statistics and regardless of gender the sad truth is – as we find with most clients who approach us – if they suspect their partner is cheating, their fears are usually confirmed.

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