Some Of Our Endorsements From Satisfied Clients

22 Sep

Some Of Our Endorsements From Satisfied Clients

We will always try and achieve the best possible results for our clients, we do not do it to get thanks but when we do it is gratefully received and a boost to our team.

Following a successful operation with PIPCU and seizure of £200 million of counterfeits, a pat on the back makes our work so much more worthwhile – “Thanks to our amazing team of investigators Surelock Investigators and Security Consultants led by Ron Harrison and their continued efforts to protect our brands.”  From the Head of Brand Protection at LVMH

“Sometimes in life things happen which one is unable to manage without the assistance of professionals. In my case the service I received from Surelock was extremely helpful. I am very impressed and grateful to the inspectors for their expert advice and support, and definitely made the right decision in seeking Surelock services. I would like to express my gratitude to all involved and if ever needed help again I would not hesitate to contact them.” From a Grateful Client

Ron used my services as a client, and I was impressed with his professionalism and care he showed for his client he entrusted to me. The investigation provided useful results and led to good outcome for all. Computer Forensics Expert

 I have known Ron and the team at Surelock for well over 10 years. Ron represents many well-known international brands. He has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the world of brand protection / anti-counterfeiting, and is very results-focused in his work. Ron is professional, trustworthy and always a pleasure to deal with. Experienced IP lawyer

I have worked with Ron and Surelock for several years in my role as MD of Bravado – the world’s largest music merchandise company. Not just is he efficient and professional but he is very driven and is a real achiever delivering consistently good results. Ron is also a top guy and a pleasure to work with. Managing Director Bravado

We have worked with Ronald and his company for several years now and have a fantastic working relationship with him. Always very professional and expects the highest of standards for all his work. Ronald Harrison’s experience and knowledge within this sector seems to be limitless and this knowledge, especially for the laws and legislation within the investigatory field, gives each and every one of his client’s 110% reassurance with their tasks. We look forward to many more years working closely with him. Director of Security Company

Surelock are always our first port of call on any asset management issues. They have always been highly professional and very effective whenever we have instructed them. Clients to whom we have recommended them say the same. Ron Harrison is a pleasure to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. Specialist employment Lawyer

My connections with Ron Harrison and Surelock go back over 10 years and have continued on a good and mutually respected business footing since then. Our relationship is based on being their Northern region providers of security and investigation consultancy services, dealing with their blue-chip clients. My task was made easier by being able to discuss progress or problems with the investigation with them at any time so that unnecessary time was not wasted before being able to conclude the task. I have enjoyed without reservation being linked to Surelock and the team and I have no hesitation in recommending Surelock and Ron Harrison in particular to those who wish to avail themselves of Surelocks services. Fellow Director of Investigation Company

Facing a somewhat complicated situation that required a pragmatic approach at the same time as extreme sensitivity, I was very grateful to have access to Ronald’s experience. His integrity is absolutely unquestionable, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring a significant level of very practical experience in an unusual field, along with an intelligent application of his extensive knowledge. In-House consultant to overseas Royal Family

Ronald’s work is that of a true professional, detailing every step of his operation. He is trustworthy, reliable and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Ronald for his services at hand. Head of Licensing for Famous US celebrity

We have worked with Ronald Harrison of Surelock on a big project. It was a great pleasure to work with him. He proved to be very serious about his work and attentive towards the people he works with. He uses a collaborative approach in trying to solve any issue arising throughout the project and always is fair, honest and transparent. It would be an honour to have the chance to work with Ronald again and I would recommend him for any other partnership without any hesitation. Director of Investigation in Azerbaijan

Ron and I met 35 years ago when he was with Scotland Yard and I was with the FBI. We have remained friends since we met and have been doing private investigations together since we both retired. He is a true professional and an excellent investigator. Former Senior FBI Agent and US Private Investigator

Couldn’t have asked for a better PI. Ron is incredibly responsive, professional, and offered great advice. The service he conducted was done with impeccable timing, and should you be looking for a locating service, I would personally recommend this company. Private client, member of the public 

So if you are looking for help with any of our Core Services, please contact us we will informally discuss all the options and advise on the best way forward.