Sunday Mirror Finds a Hidden ‘Shopping Mall’ Selling Fakes

Sunday Mirror Finds a Hidden ‘Shopping Mall’ Selling Fakes

The Sunday Mirror (June 15th) reports that a hidden shopping mall selling fake designer goods has been discovered behind a row of derelict shops in the Bury New Road area of Manchester.  The secret shopping village – on a once bustling street in Manchester – is packed with fake Louis Vuitton handbags, Nike football shirts, and Jimmy Choo shoes.  But despite a recent clampdown on illegal goods by Greater Manchester Police, anyone can just wander in to this Hooky Street-style den of “designer” goods.

The newspaper reports that they were able to buy must-have items such as a fake Louis Vuitton satchel for £15, counterfeit Jimmy Choo shoes for £10, fake Beats headphones for £5 and a “Nike England” shirt for £20, all way below prices for the real thing.  They state that hordes of shoppers from across the UK come to buy fake handbags, watches, sunglasses and sports gear from a labyrinth of more than 20 black market stores.

Surelock has carried out a number of covert operations and surveillance on behalf of their clients in this area of Manchester in order to identify the main offenders.  As a result we have engaged with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Trading Standards carrying out disruption raids where millions of pounds worth of counterfeit merchandise have been seized, comprising mainly clothing, sports shoes, handbags, jewellery and watches.

The moral for anyone looking for designer goods is that, if they are being sold at below market prices, then they are either counterfeit or stolen.  Stay clear and do not part with your money.