Surelock – Association of British Investigators (ABI)

24 Feb

Surelock – Association of British Investigators (ABI)

Surelock are corporate members of the ABI and the Directors individual members, this is very important to us.

There are so many companies and individuals out there offering professional investigation and security consultancy services, some sadly with little or no experience at all, yet the unsuspecting client / member of the public does not know this.

Formed in 1913, the ABI is the home of professional private sector investigation in the UK. In an industry that’s still unregulated, they work tirelessly to raise standards and to see the credibility of members recognised.

Any investigator who applies for membership is rigorously vetted, he or she will have to produce a criminal records certificate that meets the ABI Policy Statement, hold adequate professional indemnity insurance and show sound financial probity. References are thoroughly checked, and membership is only offered following a face-to-face interview. 

Only the best people make the grade, and you can rest assured you are dealing with professionals.

Ron Harrison of Surelock has been a member of the ABI for over 15 years and has served as it’s President for 3 years before standing down.

At Surelock our qualified investigators offer the following services: –

  • Fraud / Crime Investigation
  • Surveillance – Domestic / Corporate
  • Security Survey / Risk Assessments
  • Bug Sweeps

If you need any professional help, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always provide the very best services at competitive rates.Give us a call to discuss on 0333 6000 300 or email [email protected]