Surelock – Can I afford to use a Private Detective?

26 Aug

Surelock – Can I afford to use a Private Detective?

Potential clients are often in a desperate state when they consider using a Private Detective, they will search the internet and usually make contact with the first one that attracts their eye, but in the back of their mind they are thinking “Can I afford this”.

We at Surelock work to an hourly rate, we have not changed this for years and are certainly not the most expensive in the business, we will put you at ease. fully explain costs from the outset and email a copy of our rates for the particular service required and our terms and conditions.

Whether you are a private business or an individual, it is a big step to employ a Private Investigator, when you do it is probably because you have a serious problem, we will discuss fully the situation you face, and how we can help, if we cannot help, we will tell you straightaway. 

Make sure the company you are about to use are members of a credible organisation such as The Association of British Investigators

Here at Surelock we have over 25 years’ experience in the private sector and many years experiences in the police service so there is not much we cannot help you with, the testimonials on our web site speak for themselves.

We can assist with: –

FRAUD – Our investigators have over 30 years’ experience in the Police, some have worked in the fraud squad at New Scotland Yard, we can investigate private or corporate frauds.

SURVEILLANCE – Our surveillance teams are led by career detectives or military personnel who spent most of their service on the ground learning everything there is to know about surveillance, whether it is corporate, accident injury or domestic cheating partner, we can help.

SECURITY SURVEYS – Our Security Surveyor has nearly 40 years’ experience gained in the police and is qualified to Home Office Standards, we have conducted security surveys on Government buildings, commercial premises, and private homes.

ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES SWEEPS – Our Bug Sweep Engineer has over 35 years’ experience from the Police also as an electronic engineer, instructed by large Corporates, Premier League Footballs Clubs, Law Firms and Private clients to conduct this important work.

BRAND PROTECTION – Our brand protection team has been doing this work for over 21 years both in the UK and worldwide, utilising experts from the Police and Trading Standards. With notable successes, we have an excellent working relationship with The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) and have successfully achieved some of the biggest seizures of counterfeits ever in the UK.


CONCLUSION – So you can see we have quite a formidable team of highly experienced operatives ready to help, regardless of what your problem is, take a look at our web site

CALL US NOW – 0333 6000 300 or EMAIL – [email protected] even if it is only for advice, we are happy to chat.