Surelock – End Of Year Success

28 Dec

Surelock – End Of Year Success

It hasn’t been a bad end of the year for Surelock’s Brand Protection Team, working together with a dedicated team from City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) we identified a major wholesaler and storage warehouse in the infamous Charles House area, Southall, raided three premises and seized 1000’s of counterfeit designer brands. This in addition to our regular enforcements for our retained clients throughout the UK with the respective authorities, 1000’s of online takedowns globally and a recent Court case saw an infringer being sentenced to 43 months imprisonment.

We continue to work proactively with our colleagues at The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) in gathering intelligence for the benefit of other members in preparation for joint enforcement operations.

On top of that it was a very rewarding year for our core services following the pandemic, with some old and new clients turning to us for help.

In particular our surveillance teams have been exceptionally busy all over UK with accident injury claims, disproving many exaggerated claims, thus saving our instructing lawyers, the companies they represent £10,000’s in settlements of bogus / exaggerated claims. 

Our specialist bug sweeps have also been popular with corporate companies turning to us for this professional service, ensuring their privacy “what you say in private is your business, keeping it that way is ours” 

Qualified Eletronic Countermeasures Engineers scaled 1

Our team of experienced investigators are gainfully employed, with many different types of crime.

Our qualified and experienced security consultants are ready to assist with security surveys / risk assessments – “prevention is better than cure” saving money in the long run, especially with insurance claims.

Our core services can be fully viewed in our online flipping brochure –

If you need help with any of the professional services we offer, or perhaps just a chat, please contact us 


e. [email protected]

t. +44(0)3336000300 

We are happy to discuss your needs, all the options available and of course the costs involved.

We thank all our esteemed clientele for staying with us, for those who have returned and for the new clients we have gained, ensuring you of our best possible service at all times.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, with good health, wealth and happiness for the future.