Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

13 Oct

Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

With Christmas rapidly approaching it is good to be prepared, and not to get duped into buying cheap, inferior and sometimes dangerous counterfeits, or even scammed completely, losing your money.

There are massive dangers that come with buying things such as fake vapes/ cigarettes and fake make-up / cosmetics, which can be dangerous because they use materials that have been deemed to be harmful. Electrical goods, mobile phone chargers manufactured in China pose a serious risk of fire.

Some clothing, particularly for children of their favorite characters have serious safety hazards because they are flammable and/or give off toxic fumes. The chemicals they contain are the same ones that have been banned through their links to cot death. Sub-standard children’s toys can also cause injuries.

There are times when cheap jewelry has caused serious and life-threatening allergic reactions, and there are many similar cases where cheap and counterfeit makeup and hair dye has caused reactions that scar a person for life and have even led to death. The risks are not worth the small amount of money you save.

Dishonest people know which brands consumers like, and they produce fake products that look similar to the genuine brand. Many also use the brand logo or copy everything about the product to make it look authentic. 

You may think you are getting a bargain, but in the long run you are not, as the quality of the counterfeits is not good and will not last.

The weekend markets and boot fairs will be getting very busy in the next months, often with stalls crammed full of counterfeits of the latest popular brands, please be careful what you buy.

It is commonplace nowadays to buy online, ensure you are buying from a credible outlet, the price may seem cheap, check it with the genuine products and their official web sites.

It is fair to say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!! Some consumers do not worry about buying counterfeits, well that is their choice…

SURELOCK are one of the UK’s most pro-active brand protection companies and with our colleagues in The ACG – we will be working hard to keep the counterfeits off of the marketplace.