Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

05 Apr
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Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

There are massive dangers that come with buying things such as fake cigarettes vapes and fake make-up. Even things such as fake sippy cups with pictures of movie characters on them can be dangerous because they use materials that have deemed to be harmful.

There are cases of furniture and clothing posing serious safety hazards because they are flammable and/or give off toxic fumes. The chemicals they contain are the same ones that have been banned through their links to cot death.

Things such as cheap cigarettes are often so cheap because the tobacco has been padded with other materials. In many cases, the tobacco has started to collect in the bottom of the packet because it has not been factory produced – it has been tampered with. The chemicals that are given off when these padding materials are burnt have been known to cause problems ranging from mouth and throat irritations to blindness and increasing the chances of a stroke.

There are times when cheap jewelry has caused serious and life-threatening allergic reactions, and there are many similar cases where cheap and counterfeit makeup and hair dye has causes reactions that scar a person for life and have even led to death. The risks are not worth the small amount of money you save.

Your brand is worth protecting, if you have a counterfeit problem please contact us