Surelock – Working with UKBF

07 Apr

Surelock – Working with UKBF

Surelock like other brand protection companies work daily with our colleagues at UK Board Force through the UK, we assist with authentications and supply training to the authorities.

We always ensure our clients are correctly registered with UKBF and have an active Application for Action (AFA)

UKBF officers work 24/7 everyday of the year, protecting our clients’ counterfeit goods entering UK from Countries like China and Turkey, making many £millions of seizures every year in addition to the other work they have to do involving drugs, explosives and firearms.

Counterfeit goods come into the UK on a daily basis by plane, boat and train and are hidden in containers, vans, large and small parcels or with foot passengers.

We at Surelock are very grateful for the hard work undertaken by UKBF, this year alone our clients have had the following counterfeits seized: –

• Watches

• Sunglasses

• Guitars

• Footwear

• Clothing

If you need any help with Brand Protection, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always provide the very best services at competitive rates.

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