Surelocks’ Brand Protection Paddington Bear

09 Jun
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Surelocks’ Brand Protection Paddington Bear

We deal with Brand Protection for some of the world’s most famous and prestigious clients, we try to form a personal relationship with every one of them.

It was so rewarding for our team to see our friend and long-term client Paddington Bear feature in The Queens Jubilee Celebrations by having tea with The Queen at Buckingham Palace, we have all enjoyed both the Paddington films and look forward to Paddington 3.

The Copyright Group owners of the Brand Paddington Bear have retained our services for over 8 years, we have a dedicated online team who deal with Trademark and Copyright infringements on the internet worldwide particularly in Asia, by having the sites taken down and the counterfeit merchandise removed.

We also utilise a specialist surveillance team to covertly gather evidence of counterfeits being sold in the marketplace, the High Street, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Our enforcement team of trained investigators then carry out raids with the respective authorities, seizing all offending merchandise, authenticating these, and supplying evidence for prosecutions. Many successful convictions have been achieved.

Our client has stated “I have used Surelock for over seven years to deal with copyright and trademark infringements relating to a well-known children’s character. I have found them to be thoughtful, professional and extremely diligent and they have proved a cost-effective solution to what is unfortunately a very common problem with infringers who cut corners on product quality and safety and avoid payment of royalties to the creators of well-known IP.”

Every brand is worth protecting, if you have a counterfeit problem, please contact us