Surelock’s Brand Update

01 Mar
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Surelock’s Brand Update

Now we are all getting back to some normality, our Brand Protection team have seen an increase in counterfeit goods coming into the UK, being sold online and in the main counterfeit areas, especially Manchester.

Our covert teams have been out and about identifying outlets all over the UK selling our clients counterfeits, markets, retail outlets, wholesalers, screen printers and more have been found and evidence obtained, so beware we will be round to see you soon!

Also, during this month, we have assisted UKBF all over the Country who have detained our clients’ counterfeit products entering the UK from China, Hong Kong, Turkey and other locations world wide.

Our online team has been busy identifying infringing merchandise sold worldwide on various selling sites and getting the items taken off sale.

Your brand is worth protecting, if you have a counterfeit problem please contact us: