Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Bug Sweeps

24 Nov
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Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Bug Sweeps

We treat our Bug Sweeps (Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps) very seriously and are instructed by large Corporates, Premier League Footballs Clubs, Law Firms and Private clients to conduct this important work.

If a client engages our services, it is only right we can honestly tell them after the sweep is completed that their premises are clean or show them what we have found.

Our Engineer has over 30 years’ experience, most of his equipment is purpose built. We conduct a full electronic sweep of the premises, then using handheld wands for near field examinations of the respective rooms / offices, computers, and telephone equipment, finally very importantly a finger-tip search examining power supplies, ceiling tiles, thus when we complete an ECS search we can tell you if there is anything there.

This week we have successfully concluded a sweep of a regular client’s office block, 5 floors, no mean task, it took a team of three all weekend, but at the conclusion we were happy there was nothing there.

Your privacy is worth protecting, if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us