Surelock’s Cheating Partner Surveillance

12 Aug

Surelock’s Cheating Partner Surveillance

Are you concerned that your partner may be cheating on you?

A great deal of our surveillance work starts with a call from a nervous member of the public who explains they suspect their partner of infidelity, and they usually have good reason. It is not just the man in the relationship that cheats.

The first thing we do is to have a chat with them to establish why they have these fears, sometimes they ask us to carry out a week’s surveillance, and we explain “You cannot make surveillance happen, it has to be intelligence lead” we are not the type of company that just wants the instruction and take money, we always want to give the best possible service and a week’s surveillance would be very costly.

We also ask why they want to engage us, have they spoken to a lawyer, are legal proceedings pending, would the result of our findings result in separation or do they just want to substantiate their fears. It is always good to know what their ultimate intentions are.

After having a chat many have the courage to go ahead. It is sad to say that in over 90% of the domestic surveillances cases we have dealt with, the client’s worst fears are usually correct, and this is often established on the very first day.

With the partner meeting up with the other person, going for a meal or drink together, often booking into a hotel for the night and on extreme occasions we have observed them in a vehicle, getting extremely amorous to say the least, all this is captured on film.

In order for us to commence a surveillance operation, the information we need is a full description of the person, photograph if possible and details of any vehicle they use, plus of course the address and in particular the day or event when the client is more suspicious about.

We would conduct a short period of surveillance utilising at least a three-man team, video record and gather all the intelligence, supplying the client with a detailed log of events with selected photos, which can be used in any legal proceeding.

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Many potential clients ask for one man surveillance, and we have to decline saying in a City this is not practicable. 

If you have these fears do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.

It is a big decision, but you will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please give us a call on 0333 6000 300 to have a chat or contact us via our website link below…