Surelock’s Investigation Services

19 Aug

Surelock’s Investigation Services

We are often contacted by members of the public and business owners frustrated that they tried to report a crime to the police, and it has not been accepted as such, on occasions they have substantial evidence and even named suspects.

It is not easy reporting a crime to the police nowadays, usually this has to be done online or talking to a call center, so many police stations have closed and do not accept reporting crimes personally over the counter. Understandably the police are very busy, and their resources are stretched at times.

Whether you are a private individual or corporate business, it may be difficult to decide when to use a Private Investigator, clearly there are costs involved.

First and foremost, ensure you are instructing a credible company, check them out and see if they are members of a professional body such as The Association of British Investigators.

From the outset we discuss the issues with the client to establish exactly what has happened, then explain what we can do to help as private investigators. Most importantly, we explain the costs, we have always worked with set hourly rates for the different services we provide and send these details with our terms and conditions so they can view and accept them. Some may wish to set a budget to work too, which is understandable.

We have a dedicated team of experienced investigators with skills they have obtained during many years of police service, who over the years have successfully investigated most things both here in the UK and abroad, for a wide range of clients, whether it be a burglary, robbery, blackmail, theft of valuable items, fraud, assaults, missing persons or indeed a murder. 

Our founder Roy Herridge QPM undertook the investigation into the murder of Benazir Bhutto’s brother Murtaza, following his assassination. Roy travelled to Pakistan with a support team and reported his findings directly to the Pakistan Embassy in London.

We would go about examining the intelligence, gathering evidence by speaking to witnesses and indeed interviewing suspects, putting together a detailed report of our findings which can be used in any legal or discipline proceedings.

In addition to investigators, we have researchers, forensic examiners, surveillance operatives and financial experts who we can call on to assist if necessary.

If you have a need for a private investigation whether for a major crime or less serious personal matter, do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved, if we do not think we can help we will tell you.

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us