Surelock’s Professional Bug Sweeps

15 Mar

Surelock’s Professional Bug Sweeps

Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps) is a professional service we are called upon much more nowadays, mainly by corporate businesses but also some private clients, especially as cyber security is so important in this modern day and age.

Listening devices and covert cameras can so easily be purchased, most often coming from China, these are easy to install, but there are also sophisticated devices that are professionally installed and can sit there dormant until they are required then they are remotely activated. The threat level is changing more and more regularly – so you must be careful.

Surelock provides a professional service, our dedicated engineer has over 30 years’ experience, both in the police and as an electronic engineer, working with a backup team. 

We conduct a full electronic sweep of the premises, using a Radio Spectrum Analyser, recorded for later examination, then using handheld wands for near field examinations of the respective rooms / offices, computers, and telephone equipment, finally very importantly a finger-tip search examining power supplies, ceiling tiles.

 Thus, when we complete an ECS search we can tell you definitively if there is anything there and we will evidence what was found.

We have identified use of GSM mobile phones trending more recently, the client is engaged interviewing someone, who at the conclusion asks to use the bathroom, leaving their mobile in the room. This can be accessed remotely so they can hear what is being said about them.

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We can also sweep your car for covert listening devices / cameras and trackers which are now commonly used by criminals and those wishing to gather intelligence about you.

At the end of the operation, we can genuinely tell the client that there is nothing there or indeed find out that there was, that is what our clients rely on! What you say in private is your business, keeping it that way is ours.

Our clients of many years range from Law Firms, Blue Chip Companies, Local Authorities, Premier League Football Clubs, Celebrities, and Private Individuals, they are not hiding anything illegal but just wish to protect their business or home, especially when important decisions / boards meetings are taking place.

Your privacy is worth protecting, if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us or give us a call to discuss – 0333 6000 300