Surelock’s Social Media Brand Protection Services.

17 Feb
Anti counterfeits

Surelock’s Social Media Brand Protection Services.

During the Pandemic Facebook and Instagram have become major sellers of Counterfeits 

There are over 26,000 active counterfeit fashion accounts on Facebook and over 20,000 on Instagram. While the sum of these accounts is down from a peak of 56,000 in 2019, it indicates the fitful progress of Facebook/Meta Platforms in their efforts to stop these hawkers and the sale of illicit designer goods.

The proliferation of counterfeit fashion can dilute the appeal of a brand, as consumers increasingly associate high-end brands with the armada of knockoffs.

However, the continued spread of these counterfeit fashion companies undermines the credibility of these online marketplaces as outlets for high-quality goods.

Most of the accounts discovered on Facebook and Instagram were based in communist China (65 percent), with significant minorities coming from Russia (14 percent) and Turkey (7.5percent).

Surelock has a dedicated team that deal with internet / social media who have taken down numerous bogus web sites and many thousands of online marketplace listings for trademark and copyright infringements. We offer a personal service designed for our clients not a computerised service.

If you have a Social Media counterfeit problem do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.

You will be in safe hands,