Surelocks’ Training Services

16 Sep

Surelocks’ Training Services

Ensuring your business is proactive and compliant when it comes to fraud, substance abuse, sexual offences and security management. 

With increasingly stringent government demands on the public and private sector, our experts have developed a series of highly effective training packages. Delivered by experts who are experienced in providing training, these can be tailored to meet your requirements and can be presented in-house at your convenience. 

· Fraud Awareness 

· Drug and Alcohol Awareness 

· Sexual Offences Awareness 

· Corporate Security Management 

· Non-Security Managers 

· Counter Terrorism Awareness 

· Security Supervisors 

· Security Awareness 

· Conflict Management 

· Other Training Courses/Presentations 

If you have a need for any of our training services do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved. 

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us