Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Brand Protection work

18 Nov

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Brand Protection work

Apart from a host of other types of investigation, Surelock are one of the most pro-active and successful Brand Protection Companies in the UK, dealing with intellectual property right investigations on behalf of our clients, both online and in the market place. Active members of the Anti-counterfeiting Group  and the National Markets Group  

With a team of professional qualified investigators and surveillance operatives we have achieved significant success for our clients who include most of the world’s music artists and the merchandising companies who represent them, world renowned luxury brands, watches, jewellery, perfume and cosmetic companies, iconic characters and US Sports teams, well known brands, and the manufacturers of the world’s most popular cigarette lighters.

Our aim has always been to utilise a specialist surveillance team to covertly gather evidence of counterfeits being sold in the marketplace, the High Street, wholesalers, and manufacturers making test purchases and then identifying where the stock is being stored. Our enforcement team of trained investigators then carry out raids with the respective authorities, seizing all offending merchandise, authenticating these and supply evidence for prosecutions. Many successful convictions have followed and very large POCA awards handed out by the Courts.

We have a dedicated online team who deal with infringements on the internet, either by having the sites taken down or carrying out test purchases and identifying where they are operating from for enforcement action.

We also work alongside UKBF identifying counterfeits goods coming into the UK usually from China, Turkey and more, making detentions and having these goods destroyed after they have been authenticated as fake.

Your brand is worth protecting, if you have a counterfeit problem please contact us