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20% of Cybercrime Victims Think They Were Specifically Targeted

Action Fraud is supporting Get Safe Online Week 2015 (19th to 24th October) which aims to educate, inform and raise awareness of online security issues to make sure individuals and small businesses use the internet safely and confidently. In a specially commissioned survey for Get Safe Online Week over one in five (21%) victims of […]

One Direction T-shirt Faker Jailed After Making £61,000

This successful prosecution follows a Surelock investigation on behalf of TRAP. Fake celebrity t-shirts featuring the biggest names in pop including One Direction raked in more than £61,000 for a jewellery shop owner as part of a rogue printing operation. The illegal merchandise was sold over the internet and included bracelets and hoodies. They carried […]

UK Leads the Way with £15.8m Seizure of Counterfeit and Unlicensed Medicines and Devices

MHRA announced £15.8 million worth of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines and devices have been seized in the UK. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today (18 June) announced £15.8 million worth of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines and devices have been seized in the UK as part of a global operation. The seizures – […]

The Golden Thread – Intelligence, Evidence-based Policy and IP Enforcement

In the past year the EU Observatory on IP Infringements has published two key studies on intellectual property and the way that it is generally perceived. The studies aim to provide much-needed independent evidence to help form a basis for a new narrative that will raise awareness about the global value of intellectual property. The […]

Don’t Put Up With Counterfeits!

Surelock is one of the premier investigative companies in the UK specialising in intellectual property rights investigations and trade mark infringements worldwide LET US TAKE YOUR COUNTERFEITS OFF THE STREET During 2008 we seized approximately £12,400,000 million worth of counterfeit clothing and merchandise jointly on behalf of our clients, we carried out a number of […]