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Surelock Supports Major Anti-Counterfeiting Operation in Camden

On Friday 19 November 2015, following reconnaissances made by Surelock,  we together with other ACG members, assisted Camden Trading Standards carry out a major anti-counterfeit operation on three targeted retail stores in Camden High Street selling counterfeit merchandise. More than 4,000 music branded teeshirts & sweatshirts were seized including One Direction, 5 SOS, Motorhead, Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath, […]

Worthing eBay Seller Prosecuted for Selling Counterfeit Tee Shirts

Mr Joseph David Walker of Worthing was prosecuted on Friday 9th January 2015 in Worthing Magistrates Court for the manufacture, possession and sale of counterfeit tee shirts bearing Led Zeppelin and ACDC etc. trade marks. He pleaded guilty and received a fine of £2,500, costs of £1,324.76 and a £50 victim surcharge. Mr Walker was offering these items for […]