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ACG (The Anti-Counterfeiting Group)

The trade in fakes has never been more prolific, mainly because of the exponential rise in counterfeiting activities on the internet in recent years. It is now a global epidemic, posing major threats to consumers and national economies, and funding other crimes such as drugs, guns and people smuggling. Interpol has also reported evidence of […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Terrorist Tools

The theme for Friday 28th November is “Terrorist Tools”. Terrorists need tools like guns, ammunition and explosives to operate. The Government is working to make it more difficult for people intent on harm to get hold of weapons and explosives. Firearms, ammunition and commercial explosives are regulated in the UK, which has led to the […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Terrorist Financing

The theme for Thursday 27th November is “Terrorist Financing”. Points to remember are: The fight against terrorism includes effective actions to impede the flow of funds that terrorist organisations depend upon to secure weapons and other materials. Terrorists raise money through money laundering, posing as charity fundraisers, placing false charity collection boxes in shops and […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Transport Hubs

The theme for Tuesday 25th November is “Transport Hubs”. Terrorists have targeted transport and transport hubs for violent attacks. Security at train stations and other transport hubs has been increased but the police want people to be vigilant and report potential threats.           For counter terrorism information regarding the railway network: […]