Universal Door Lock On Sale After Inventor Raises £10k

Universal Door Lock On Sale After Inventor Raises £10k

A grandfather has helped answer the concerns of travellers across the globe by creating a portable lock which can secure almost any door in the world.

Bob Fitzjohn, 66, form London, developed The EasyLock device at his kitchen table after raising more than £10,000 from crowdfunding website, IndieGogo.

This device, which weighs less than an iPhone, will completely secure any type of door that opens inwards, anywhere on the globe, providing extra security for guests using hotels, B&Bs, or even beach huts.

It works by being fastened across the door’s latchplate and hooking onto the outside of the doorframe. The lock is then secured in place with an adjustable handle.

It also allows users to open the door slightly to check a caller’s identity and pass through slim items.

Mr Fitzjohn, an entrepreneur, said he spent hours drawing up the designs and making the prototypes at his kitchen table before setting up an online scheme to get money from members of the public to help him produce the invention.

He was appealing for £10,000, but eventually managed to secure almost £10,500 with donors praising the idea.

In return for their money, Mr Fitzjohn offered people a number of free EasyLocks depending on the amount they had pledged.

One member of the public offered £2,500 in the early stages of the campaign with Mr Fitzjohn promising to send him 50 free EasyLocks once the invention had been finally produced.

The new product is being sold for £24.95, and is being advertised as ‘the perfect gift for a travel lover’.
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