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Who can justify a private investigator’s invoice in the company accounts?

private investigation

invoice justification

This has not been a problem for our clients in the past and we certainly hope it will not be in the future. A few or many hours of work, depending on the scenario and the outcome we expect to achieve, can make a huge difference to your company. There is absolutely no need to justify using a private investigator.

Quoting a recent case

A product sold in a counterfeit form suggesting danger. The company contacted Surelock and hired our services.

We gained the necessary evidence to place into the hands of their intellectual property lawyers.

Our bonus

One up against the counterfeiters; and saving a company from being another statistic.

Companies and household names use our services. A private investigation company has much talent. Sometimes just being able to prove that a company is doing something right can make a difference one day when that wheel comes off.  If we get asked to achieve the impossible we are honest, if something can’t be done, it can’t be done. We won’t take your money and then tell you!

Invoices can be as detailed as you like, clients already know our value.


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