Bizarre Stories of Infidelity

Bizarre Stories of Infidelity

lipstick on collar - sign of infidelityEverybody likes to believe that their partner would never cheat on them, and that it’s a scenario that they’re only going to encounter in films like What’s New Pussycat and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. But in reality, a substantial number of couples will experience one or both partners cheating. According to a recent survey, Thailand and Denmark boast the dubious achievement of being the most adulterous countries in the world (surprisingly, they’re above the famously faithless Italians and French). But in spite of its frequency, adultery isn’t always mundane, and there are some extraordinary true stories of extramarital shenanigans that will astonish you!

Caught out by Pokémon Go

The most popular craze of 2016 had to be Pokemon Go, a hunt that had people of all ages out and about attempting to capture these digital creatures. But this apparently innocuous pursuit had unforeseen consequences for New Yorker Evan Scribner, when his current girlfriend spotted that her cheating partner had been hunting Pokemon at her predecessor’s house – somewhere he had no good reason to be. The problem for Evan is that Pokemon Go keeps track of your movements; smartphones and technology may have enabled many adulterers to get away with infidelity, but it also makes them a good deal easier to track. So even an apparently innocent pastime like hunting Pokemon could provide partners with a massive clue as to what their other half’s have been up to!

Watch the Birdie

But it’s not just technology that can give people away; the family pet can inadvertently drop cheater’s deep in trouble as well. A Kuwaiti husband was outed as unfaithful thanks to the verbal skills of his pet parrot, who repeated romantic phrases the man had used to the couple’s housemaid. The married lothario had forgotten that in his country, adultery is against the law, and he could have faced serious punishment. Fortunately for him, the bird was not considered a credible witness, as it could not be proven that the man was the source of the amorous vocabulary (it was considered a possibility that the bird may have learned the phrases from listening to TV shows). But it’s fair to assume that even the law let him off, his wife did not – and that the maid found herself out of a job.

Virtual Unreality

The “other person” in an adulterous relationship isn’t always a person, however. It can be a pet that one partner cares more about, a hobby that they devote all their time to – or even a video game. One wife may have thought that she was giving her husband a thoughtful gift when she presented him with World of Warcraft, but she soon discovered what many other partners have found out – that the game can quickly become addictive. Her husband became so involved with playing WoW that he stopped spending time and energy on his marriage, and the marriage was over long before the game was. One wonders if she ended up demanding custody of the game just to spite him …

Cheating Marathon

Sometimes, the surprise is not that someone was unfaithful, but the number of times they played away from home. After all, the more one cheats, the greater the likelihood of being discovered. One British man clocked up a massive 23 affairs over two decades of marriage, the first time being when his wife was expecting their first child. Astonishingly, when she finally found out about his cheating and the number of women he had slept with, she chose to forgive him and work on their marriage. For most of us, once could possibly be forgiven, but cheating with at least 23 women (indeed, this particular man wasn’t entirely unsure that there weren’t more) is 22 women too many.

Aliens in the Attic

Adultery, of course, has been going on since marriage was invented, and although you may conveniently forget that your parents’ or grandparents’ generation ever enjoyed a sex life that quite clearly isn’t true. And in the 1930s, one woman in the US went to extraordinary lengths to indulge her adulterous desires. To compensate for her unsatisfactory marriage, she installed her lover in the attic of the marital home so that she could keep him close by. Her thinking was that as her husband never went up there, she could indulge her desires whenever she wished. She even insisted that when they moved, they chose a new house with an attic, so that she could pack her lover along with the furniture. The liaison ended tragically after a number of successful years of subterfuge, when the lover shot the husband dead during a violent row between husband and wife. Indeed, the unfaithful woman’s claim that he was murdered by a burglar was initially accepted, though eventually she made mistakes that implicated her and her lover in the murder. However, as by then too many years had passed, both partners went free.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

Modern lovers often choose to record a home tape of their activities as a way of reliving the fun. However, these recordings can easily be shared and posted online on sites like Pornhub, leading many to regret ever making them. It also creates a risk of being blackmailed in order to keep the videos secret. A Houston woman stumbled across a tape made by her husband and his lover, and promptly threatened him with exposing the tape to his employers and his lover’s husband if he didn’t pay her a substantial sum. Once she received the money, however, she didn’t keep her side of the bargain, and responded by handing over the tape to the other woman’s husband as well as to her own husband’s employers (a Christian high school who would presumably take a dim view of his extramarital escapades). The result was the end of the marriage, and misdemeanour charges for the aggrieved wife.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Some adulterers choose to hide their activities in plain sight, and go to great lengths to convince their spouse that he or she is imagining their suspicions. They manipulate their partner so that they begin to mistrust their own feelings and make them think that they are really the one at fault for being suspicious. They accuse the innocent partner of not trusting them, and make every effort to place the blame on them for any problems in the marriage. This behaviour is called ‘gaslighting’ after the 1944 film with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, in which a husband guilty of murder tries to convince his wife that she is insane. Such tactics are psychological manipulation, and often succeed in making the innocent party feel that they are the one at fault.

The sad fact is that if you feel suspicious of your partner, there is usually very good reason why you feel that way. It’s wise to listen to your instincts and trust your feelings. You may choose to investigate your suspicions, though you should always be prepared for an outcome you don’t want to deal with – that your suspicions have a good foundation. But it is to be hoped that if you discover the worst, at least you won’t experience a story like these bizarre tales of adultery.

Advice if you have any Suspicions

Surelock have a number of dedicated and experienced surveillance teams strategically placed all over UK, and have undertaken numerous infidelity cases, where the cheating partner has been observed meeting another person. We covertly video record and complete a detailed log of the observation, which is evidenced and supplied to the client or the lawyer acting on their behalf. This evidence can be given in court or any other proceedings. Where a partner has suspicions and referred a case to us, over 95% of these cases have proved to substantiate their original fears. If you would like to discuss any suspicions in confidence please do not hesitate to call our office and speak to a member of our staff and we can advise you on a course of action.