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Warning on Fake Make-up Tainted by Cyanide and Other Dangerous Chemicals

Surelock, on behalf of its clients, continues to assist the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) to remove counterfeit cosmetic products from sale Dangerous levels of lead, mercury and cyanide found in the fake make-up Bogus MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay products sold via eBay and Amazon Buyers risk severe allergic reactions as well as […]

Fake Make-up Contains Dangerous Concentrations of Poisonous Chemicals

Fraudsters are selling fake make-up containing dangerous levels of poisonous chemicals such as arsenic and lead, consumers were warned yesterday. Fake versions of fashionable cosmetic brands including MAC and Benefit have been found to contain up to 19 times the legal level of lead. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are particularly vulnerable to some […]

£25,000 Bill for eBay Trader Convicted of Selling Fake Cosmetics

An eBay seller from Exmouth who was convicted of supplying fake and unsafe cosmetic products has been ordered to pay almost £25,000 following a financial investigation into the profits made from the sales under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Deborah Hamber received a four month suspended prison sentence plus 150 hours of community service at Exeter […]