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12 Aug

Surelock’s Banking Frauds

What’s the difference between fraud and a scam? What is fraud? Fraud is a criminal act to deceive you and take your cash – it’s a transaction that you didn’t make or authorise. What is a scam? A scam is where you’re tricked into making or authorising a payment to a criminal’s account. Scammers impersonate […]

04 Mar

Surelock – Don’t get scammed

Fraudsters may use the situation in Ukraine as a cover story to get you to divulge personal details or move money out of your bank account. Please be cautious. Banks never ask you to move money to a safe account or ask you to share your passcodes or PINs. If in doubt, give your bank […]

The Little Book of Big Scams

A Metropolitan Police team have produced “The Little Book of Big Scams” in two editions for private individuals and businesses.  They contain a wealth of advice to help us to protect ourselves from scammers.  However aware we think we are, it is so easy to fall prey to these unscrupulous criminals so take a look at the advice provided […]